Bilyapi Construction has carried out its operations with residence, office, hotel, school, mall and plaza projects in various regions in Turkey since 1988. It identified the residence industry as its area of focus in which it is specialized, and became a corporate targeted the quality, and made a difference in this field.

It was founded in 1988, and has grown by making a difference in its sector thanks to the long-termed trust relationship it has created with its customers by adding value to thosands' life with the understanding of creating not just a house but a living space until now. Bilyapi Construction has always been by its investors side even after sales in all of its projects in which it combines its experiences with aesthetic, technology and comfort.
Our company carries out human resources policies with quality management system caring the technology and supporting R&D activities, by handling professionally within the framework of corporate and human values.Our company updates, develops and enhances its position in the industry by combining the construction culture with its experience gained over the years.

We will see you soon with our city 34-2 project

We will see you soon with our city 34-2 project in Beylikdüzü..

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