City 34

Our City 34 project, which has been progressing in Adnan Kahveci neighbourhood of Beylikduzu, has been designed as 5000 m2 indoors area out of the construction site of 6800 m2. Being located in Beylikduzu, the rising star of Istanbul, and with its modern architectural structure and rich furnishing, CITY 34 is rising at the most valuable location of the most earning area of Istanbul, in order you and your beloved ones to live happily and comfortably. With its human-oriented design and successful architectural approach furnished with multicolored plants which are planned with great attention and brought together harmoniously, our project aims to carry the freshness of the nature into your house. Aiming to provide the privilege of an excellent life at high standards for you and your family thanks to its inductive preciseness, and with its playgrounds, social facilities, closed circuit camera system, 24/7 security services, gym, sauna, Turkish Bath, indoor and outdoor parking lots, CITY 34 would realize dreams of our valuable investors. With its proximity to main living spaces of the city such as business, shopping, health and education centers as well as its numerous transportation advantages which enable you access any point of Istanbul thanks to its proximity to E-5, TEM, coastal road and link roads, City 34 has been designed by taking the comfort of our investors into account.

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Sitenin özelikleri

  • 6800 m2 arsa içinde site
  • Siteye ait yaklaşık 5,000 m2 kapalı alan
  • Kapalı otopark
  • Açık otopark
  • Açık ve kapalı Çocuk oyun parkları
  • Her direye 1 adet kapalı araç otopark
  • Misafir için cep otoparklar
  • Türk hamamı
  • Fitness salonu
  • Bilardo masası
  • Masa tenisi
  • Buhar odası
  • Saunalar
  • Kamelya
  • Peyzaj çalışması
  • Güvenlik hizmeti(24 saat fiziksel ve kamere güvenliği)
  • Cep sineması